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A Special Day

At this time, eight years ago today, I was getting ready for a C-Section. That was definitely not in my birth plan! I was a first time mom, prepped with my doula, my birth ball, snacks, pictures to focus on, etc. When we took the childbirth education classes, I closed my eyes during the C-Section video. Why watch it? It was definitely not going to happen to me! :)

My water broke the day before and we waited for something to happen. A random contraction here and there, but nothing much. The next morning, we went into the hospital and found out he was breech! What?! I was NOT prepared for breech! I did NOT want a C-Section! What a whirlwind. Just like that, plans changed and the doctors took over my birth. I was so scared of the surgery. I had never been under anesthesia or had surgery before.

I remember being SO thankful for my doula and my dear friend, Amy, who came to chat with me that morning while I was waiting for the surgery. The C-Section wasn’t until 2, so we had at least 6 hours to wait and fret about things. But, the baby was doing fine and obviously not inconvenienced by this change of events!

Right after 2pm that day, November 10th, 2008, Noah Edmund Chapko was born. :) He was perfectly healthy and beautiful. The birth looked nothing like I imagined and the recovery was nothing like I imagined. But now, looking back, I can’t imagine it any other way.

I didn’t know at that time I would become a birth worker and help support moms before, during and after their births. I went on to experience two VBACs and those weren’t anything like I imagined either. I am so thankful for each of my births and what they taught me. Each one made me stronger

and stronger, gave me so much respect for mothers and a passion for doing the work I do.

Thank you, Noah, for helping me become a mother and for teaching me how to trust the journey, especially when it doesn’t go the way I imagined. I love you!

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