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Welcome, Cristin!

We are so excited to welcome our new Marketing Manager, Cristin Zilz!


Cristin is thrilled to join the NWI Center for Maternal Wellness, first as a SHARE peer mentor volunteer and now as Marketing Manager. As a native NWI resident, Cristin comes to the Center with lots of experience in both the marketing world AND the mom world. As a mother of 3 young boys, she has experienced many phases of motherhood throughout her journey, including being a two-time NICU mom, breastfeeding and exclusively pumping, experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression, navigating major surgeries and pre & post eclampsia - just to name a few!


Cristin's mission is to use her marketing and motherhood experiences to help educate and support moms and their families all over Northwest Indiana. Cristin has been keeping busy developing an email newsletter, designing marketing materials, creating social media content, researching all the things, organizing resources and so much more! 

We are so grateful to have her on our team! Welcome to the Center, Cristin!


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